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Wikimedia ESLint config


npm install --save-dev eslint-config-wikimedia

Then, configure ESLint with one or more .eslintrc.json files as appropriate.

Example configurations

Bellow are some potential recommended uses:

A typical front-end project

This profile allows ES5 code and browser native functions. It will complain about ES6+ code and language features.


	"extends": "wikimedia/client"


This profile adds the jQuery $ global, and additional rules preventing the use of jQuery features that have ES5 alternatives. .eslintrc.json:

	"extends": [

Adding a QUnit test suite

You can extend the above profile by also adding a second .eslintrc.json file in your tests directory:


	"extends": [

A typical Node project

This profile allows ES6 code and node native functions (i.e., Node 6.x). It will complain about ES2015+ code and language features.


	"extends": "wikimedia/server"

A basic project

Please note that the basic project configuration does not specify any language or environmental defaults, and is unlikely to be suitable. However, if you wish to target clients with ES3 language support, or earlier versions of Node, this is a good place from which to start.


	"extends": "wikimedia"

Proposing changes

Major changes should be discussed on or on the Wikitech mailing list beforehand.

Semver policy

Same approach as in ESLint, see