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== About ==

Page Forms is an extension to MediaWiki that allows for the
creation of forms that can be used to create and edit pages. It can
work by itself, or in conjuction with two other extensions that
both handle the storage of data: Cargo and Semantic MediaWiki.

For much more information on Page Forms, see the extension
homepage at

Notes on installing Page Forms can be found in the file INSTALL.

== Credits ==

Page Forms was created, and mostly written by, Yaron Koren.

Significant parts of the code were contributed by Stephan Gambke.

Much of the jQuery and related JavaScript functionality was initially
created by Sanyam Goyal as part of the 2010 Google Summer of Code

Integration with the Page Schemas extension was initially created by
Ankit Garg as part of the 2011 Google Summer of Code.

Support for section handling, and PHPUnit tests, were added by Himeshi
De Silva as part of the 2013 Google Summer of Code.

The "tokens" and updated "combobox" input types were created by
Jatin Mehta as part of the 2014 Google Summer of Code.

Support for hierarchies in the Cargo extension was added by Feroz
Ahmed as part of the 2017 Google Summer of Code.

The page Special:MultiPageEdit was added by Yashdeep Thorat as part
of the 2018 Google Summer of Code.

Important code contributions were also made by Christoph Burgmer,
Cindy Cicalese, Daniel Friesen, Daniel Hansch, Eugene Mednikov,
Harold Solbrig, Ilmārs Poikāns, Jayson Harshbarger, Jeffrey Stuckman,
Joel Natividad, Jeroen De Dauw, Joel Natividad, Louis Gerbarg, LY Meng,
Mathias Lidal, Matt Williamson, MWJames, Niklas Laxstrom, Nils
Opperman, Paladox, Patrick Nagel, Peter Grassberger, Remco de Boer,
Sebastian Richter, Sergey Chernyshev, Siebrand Mazeland, Simon Heimler,
Solitarius, Tom Fellows, Vedmaka, wheresmytab and others.

Language translations were provided by many people; see the files in
the /i18n and /languages directories for the full listings.

== Contact ==

Comments, questions and suggestions should be sent to the MediaWiki
or mailing list:

If possible, please add "[Page Forms]" at the beginning of the subject
line, to clarify the subject matter.

Bug reports should be submitted at the Wikimedia Phabricator site:

== Credits to other projects ==

Page Forms includes the following JavaScript libraries:

* fancyBox, also known as fancyBox3 (,
distributed under the GPLv3 license.

* Fancytree ( by Martin Wendt,
distributed under the MIT license.

* jsGrid ( by Artem Tabalin, distributed under
the MIT license.

* RateYo! ( by Prashanth Pamidi,
distributed under the MIT license.

* Select2 ( by Igor Vaynberg, distributed
under both the Apache and GPL licenses.

* Sortable ( by RubaXa and
owenm, distributed under the MIT license.

It also includes the Balloon.css CSS library
( by Claudio Holanda,
distributed under the MIT license.

Page Forms also makes extensive use of the jQuery and jQuery UI
JavaScript libraries, as well as some use of the OOUI library, all
included within MediaWiki.
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