An algorithm to compute token-level provenance and changes for Wiki revisioned content. Tested at +95% accuracy for EN.Wikipedia.
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An algorithm to identify the revision origin of - and all changes ever applied to - the tokens of a revisioned Wiki document. This enables, e.g., detecting authorship and editor interactions.

Also check out the WikiWho API for current data from Wikipedia.

Requirements and Installation

WikiWho runs both on python 2 and 3.

requests package is required to get revision meta data and text from Wikipedia api.

mwxml package is required to get revision meta data and text from xml dumps. This package runs on only python 3.

Install WikiWho package using pip:

pip install git+git://

Running WikiWho

You can check example scripts under WikiWho/WikiWho/examples to see how to run WikiWho.


  • Fabian Floeck: fabian.floeck[.]
  • Maribel Acosta: maribel.acosta[.]
  • Kenan Erdogan: kenan.erdogan[.]


This work is licensed under MIT.

Developed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences