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Indie Hackers Meetup Lander
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Indie Hackers Meetup Lander

Site made possible with a Cardsaholic embed

Cardsaholic is a service for creating shareable and embedable card layout websites using Google Sheets CSV data.

Easy Deployment CI with Github Actions and

This repo is setup with Github Actions to deploys to on every git push to master. Of course change deploy process as you see fit, but I find this method quick, easy and free.

If you decide to deploy in a different way, see Remove Deploy Process below.


If you make any cool changes, woudl love it if you submit a pull request!

Getting Started

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Make Cardsaholic board
  3. Signup for free account
  4. Add your secrets to your Github Repo
  5. Add CNAME DNS record for your domain pointing to Use Cloudflare for free https.
  6. Update index.html with your Meetups details (see Changes need for index.html below)
  7. Change domain in CNAME file to match your DNS record
  8. Preview changes with npm start
  9. Deploy with git push origin master or npm deploy

Changes needed for index.html

  • Meta Tags: Social Share URLs (there are many)
  • Heading: Your Meetup Name
  • Image: Your Meetup Flag / Logo
  • Button: Git Repo Source URL
  • Button: Discord Group Chat URL
  • Button: Google Sheet URL (for updating makers)
  • Button: Meetup Page URL
  • iframe: Cardsaholic embed Src URL (data from your spreadsheet)

Matching Colors

Here's some reference when you're editing your Cardsaholic embed theme.

  • Light Blue: #00c3ff
  • Dark Blue: #1b3b55
  • Darkest Blue: #08243b

Remove Deploy Process

If you want to start fresh without CI, remove these:

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