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How to install locally:

sage-develop develop --user

NOTE: By sage-develop we simply mean a recent version of Sage, e.g., at least version 7.1. On SageMathCloud this is provided on the command line as sage-develop.

How to test:

sage-develop -t --force-lib sage_modabvar

WARNING: We must go through all doctests and ensure that they import the functions being tested directly from sage_modabvar, so that the code here is being tested, not the code in the Sage library.

Always use:


New test cases:

sage: from sage_modabvar import J0
sage: J = J0(11); B= J.degeneracy_map(33,1).codomain()
sage: type(B)
# problem is that this is "getting out of the space"

New one:

sage: A = ModularSymbols(33).cuspidal_submodule().abelian_variety()
# need to replace by some function.

New one:

sage: sage.modular.abvar.abvar.ModularAbelianVariety_modsym_abstract._modular_symbols(A)
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