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govt - VirusTotal API for Go

govt is a go module to use the API of

Implemented Features

Resource Description VT API govt support
POST /vtapi/v2/file/scan Upload a file for scanning with VirusTotal. public true
GET /vtapi/v2/file/scan/upload_url Get a special URL to upload files bigger than 32MB in size. private false
POST /vtapi/v2/file/rescan Rescan a previously submitted file or schedule a scan to be performed in the future. public true
POST /vtapi/v2/file/rescan/delete Delete a previously scheduled scan. private false
GET /vtapi/v2/file/report Get the scan results for a file. public true
GET /vtapi/v2/file/behaviour Get a report about the behaviour of the file when executed in a sandboxed environment. private true
GET /vtapi/v2/file/network-traffic Get a dump of the network traffic generated by the file when executed. private true
GET /vtapi/v2/file/search Search for samples that match certain binary/metadata/detection criteria. private true
GET /vtapi/v2/file/clusters List file similarity clusters for a given time frame. private false
GET /vtapi/v2/file/distribution Get a live feed with the lastest files submitted to VirusTotal. private true
GET /vtapi/v2/file/download Download a file by its hash. private true
GET /vtapi/v2/file/false-positives Consume file false positives from your notifications pipe. private false
POST /vtapi/v2/url/scan Submmit a URL for scanning with VirusTotal. public true
GET /vtapi/v2/url/report Get the scan results for a given URL. public true
GET /vtapi/v2/url/distribution Get a live feed with the lastest URLs submitted to VirusTotal. private false
GET /vtapi/v2/ip-address/report Get information about a given IP address. public true
GET /vtapi/v2/domain/report Get information about a given domain. public true
POST /vtapi/v2/comments/put Post a comment on a file or URL. public true
GET /vtapi/v2/comments/get Get comments for a file or URL. private true

Missing Features

  • all of the above with a false in the govt support column.
  • at least for testing the VT apikey has currently be put into the source (get the apikey from a file or an environment variable would be better)
  • more and better testing


If you have a go workplace setup and working you can simply do:

go get

go install


In order how to use the govt module please have a look at the SampleClients directory and it's content.

You need to have an VirusTotal API Key. You can register for an account at VirusTotal in order to get an public API key. There are also private API keys available, for those you have to be accepted by VirusTotal and you need to pay for. Depending on your API Key and the access level granted you can use all of the above functions, all but the ones reserved for AV companies, or just the public ones (if you have a free publich API key).

Check out the file in the SampleClients directory to find out how to set-up your API key in order to use the provided Example programs.


govt was initially written by Willi Ballenthin. Later improved and new features added by Christopher 'tankbusta' Schmitt and Florian 'scusi' Walther