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0.3-dev — October 24, 2012

Critical bugfix for a tiny bug with big consequences.

  • Critical bug: #112: When a newly created file is deleted before it was synced, File Conveyor crashes on a logging statement

0.2-dev — October 15, 2012

Critical bugfixes. Prevent file loss and makes Rackspace Cloud Files operational again.

  • Minor bug: #122: PendingDeprecationWarning/global name 'ConnectionError' is not defined
  • Critical bug: #118: django-storage's mosso back-end was deprecated in favor of django-cumulus, so migrated to django-cumulus
  • Critical bug: #108: When no fileDeletionDelayAfterSync attribute is set, no deletion should happen at all
  • Bug: #103: Error in when using Python 2.5

0.1-dev — January 21, 2012

Initial pip-powered release. Major thanks to @benoitbryon!