@deltakosh deltakosh released this Nov 17, 2016

Assets 2

Major updates


  • Controls
    • Add an exception to prevent users to directly use Items and OptionsItems for HamburgerMenu - David Catuhe
    • Fixing GridSplitter Sibling Row issue and min width/height issue - Ibraheem Osama
    • Allow AdaptiveGridView to be used without setting ItemHeight, ItemWidth, or DesiredWidth properties - Shawn Kendrot
    • Fix a bug with selectedItem when the HamburgerMenu was not yet templated - David Catuhe
    • Fix unhandled error with one row mode in AdaptiveGridView - Andrii
  • UI
  • Animations
  • Helpers
    • Added a check to determine if key exists in BaseObjectStorageHelper.Save method - Cabuxa Mapache
    • Removed TSource default constructor requirement for IncrementalLoadingCollection - Hermit Dave
  • General
  • Services
    • Added support for Xbox for MicrosoftGraph service - David Catuhe
  • Notifications
    • Move all notifications projects to a notifications folder - David Catuhe

Samples App

Breaking changes

  • AdaptiveGridView now inherits from GridView - Shawn Kendrot
    • PR
    • Previous version of AdaptiveGridView was inheriting from Control. new version will now have all the features of a GridView out of the box
  • BladeControl was renamed to BladeView to align with SDK standard naming - Shawn Kendrot
    • PR
    • Previous classes (BladeControl and BladeItem) are still available but flagged as obsolete.
  • BladeOpened and BladeClosed are no more static - Shawn Kendrot
    • PR
    • You should now be able to subscribe to the event from within xaml and the event should not be static across all BladeViews