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Yet pretty simple, but it should be efficient against the annoying NPC car-jacking and car stealing on roleplay based severs. This will force your players to find other means to reach their destination. The ability to steal cars is based on a "luck" factor. No more random grand theft auto.


  • Works on all vehicles (cars,bikes,trucks,helicopters,planes,boats,...)
  • Prevent parked vehicle stealing
  • Prevent any kind of grand theft auto (car-jacking, passenger car-jack, etc)
  • Vehicle stealing/car-jacking is only allowed only by a predefined threshold
  • Compatible with any vehicle control script
  • Ability to skip a vehicle check with an event
  • Low CPU usage


  1. Download from the release page and extract the content in your resources directory
  2. Add - nocarjack in your AutoStartResources ( citmp-server.yml)
  3. Restart server


See the wiki for usage and further information.