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Drupal Tangler

This library provides tools for an opinionated composer workflow with Drupal.

When invoked, it creates a Drupal root that can respond to requests routed to it from a web server. This allows you to develop at the module and/or project level and treat Drupal itself as a dependency.


Use composer.


The algorithm is something like this:

  1. copy drupal/drupal out of vendor and into the given drupal path (default: ./www)
  2. link modules and themes installed with composer from vendor into the drupal root
  3. link directories from the ./modules directory into sites/all/modules
  4. link directories from the ./themes directory into sites/all/themes
  5. link files that look like module files into a directory in sites/all/modules according to the basename of the *.info file
  6. link cnf/settings.php into sites/default
  7. link vendor into sites/default
  8. link cnf/files into sites/default

You have the choice of using a small commandline application or a script handler.


vendor/bin/drupal_tangle -h
 drupal:tangle [project] [drupal]

 project               path to project to tangle
 drupal                path to drupal in which to tangle (default: "www")

Composer Script Configuration

You can automate the use of the tangler in response to composer events like so:

    "scripts": {
        "post-install-cmd": [
        "post-update-cmd": [

Note that you can just trigger the executable with these events, in which case the values for the different *-cmd events above would be like this:



  • Allow appropriate configuration, such as name of drupal subdir, and origin of settings.php
  • Support development of a theme or profile
  • Support for placing things in the sites/all/libraries directory (not because this is ever a good idea, but because some projects require it)

Not Ever Going To Be On The Roadmap

  • Support for multi-site