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wiringX is a modular approach to several GPIO interfaces.

wiringX will export all common GPIO functions also found libraries such as wiringPi, wiringHB, wiringOP, etc but when using wiringX all the appropriate GPIO functions are available for various different platforms with only one uniform library. So when using wiringX, your program will just work in regard of GPIO functionality, whatever platform your program is running on.

The wiringPi and wiringHB are almost a direct copy of their initial library. However, wiringX currently does not yet support all features of the Hummingboard and Raspberry Pi I/O. Therefore, wiringPi has been stripped so it only supports those features also supported by wiringX.

Those features currently are:

  • GPIO reading, writing, and interrupts.
  • IC2 reading and writing.

Please refer to the documentation at or in the docs folder.



  • Let it automatically build and generate a deb or rpm package:
#Make sure you have prerequisites
#For Debian based linuxes
sudo apt-get install build-essential
#For Red-Hat based linuxes
yum groupinstall "Development tools"

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
#For Debian based linuxes
cpack -G DEB
#For Red-Hat based linuxes
cpack -G RPM
  • To install the final package run:
#For Debian based linuxes
dpkg -i libwiringx*.deb
#For Red-Hat based linuxes
dpkg -i libwiringx*.rpm

wiringX is available in the Arch Linux ARM repository. To install, simply:

pacman -S wiringx-git

Pin numbering of the Raspberry Pi, Hummingboard, BananaPi and Radxa Rock can be found here: