Arduino library for raising IFTTT maker service trigger
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A library for raising events on the maker service on IFTTT. (Basically create the "this" in an IFTTT from your arduino)

Installing & Usage

The downloaded code can be included as a new library into the IDE selecting the menu:

 Sketch / include Library / Add .Zip library

You also have to install the ArduinoJson library written by Benoît Blanchon. Search for it on the Arduino Library manager or get it from here.

Include IFTTTMaker in your project:

#include <IFTTTMaker.h>

and pass it a Maker service key (you can find it here) and a SSL Client (See the examples for more details)

#define KEY "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
#define EVENT_NAME "device_on"
// WiFiSSLClient client; //For 101 boards
WiFiClientSecure client; //For ESP8266 boards
IFTTTMaker ifttt(KEY, client);

ifttt.triggerEvent(EVENT_NAME, ssid, ip.toString()); //returns true if successful
//triggerEvent takes an Event Name and then you can optional pass in up to 3 extra Strings

alt text

NOTE: This library has not been tested with the 101 boards as I do not have a compatible board. If you can help please let me know!