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A library for fetching stats from Instagram on your arduino
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Get Instagram stats directly on your Arduino!

Instagram Library Example

Check out the examples for how to use it, no API key needed.

This library is getting the data directly from Instagram, but it is not using their API. The API is pretty complicated to get access tokens for but I found some information here for a way to get JSON from public facing pages.


Install from the Arduino Library Manager or download the Zip from here and add that way.

Requires Json Streamer Parser by squix78, which can also be installed from the library manager.

Currently Supports:

User Data

  • Follower Count

Supported Boards:

Tested Boards:

  • ESP8266
  • ESP32

Should/Could Work:

  • WiFi101 Boards (MKR1000 etc)

Won't Work

  • Ethernet Shields (they do not support HTTPS)
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