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UI Toolset & Components Library for React Native

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New Major Version 6.0

See breaking changes

For React Native >= 0.60.0

please use react-native-ui-lib

For React Native < 0.60.0

please use react-native-ui-lib@^3.0.0

Create your own Design System in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Load your foundations and presets (colors, typography, spacings, etc...)

// FoundationConfig.js

import {Colors, Typography, Spacings} from 'react-native-ui-lib';

  primaryColor: '#2364AA',
  secondaryColor: '#81C3D7',
  textColor: '##221D23',
  errorColor: '#E63B2E',
  successColor: '#ADC76F',
  warnColor: '##FF963C'

  heading: {fontSize: 36, fontWeight: '600'},
  subheading: {fontSize: 28, fontWeight: '500'},
  body: {fontSize: 18, fontWeight: '400'}

  page: 20,
  card: 12,
  gridGutter: 16

Step 2

Set default configurations to your components

// ComponentsConfig.js

import {ThemeManager} from 'react-native-ui-lib';

// with plain object
ThemeManager.setComponentTheme('Card', {
  borderRadius: 8

// with a dynamic function
ThemeManager.setComponentTheme('Button', (props, context) => {
  // 'square' is not an original Button prop, but a custom prop that can
  // be used to create different variations of buttons in your app
  if (props.square) {
    return {
      borderRadius: 0

Step 3

Use it all together. Your configurations will be applied on uilib components so you can use them easily with modifiers.

// MyScreen.js

import React, {Component} from 'react';
import {View, Text, Card, Button} from 'react-native-ui-lib';

class MyScreen extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <View flex padding-page>
        <Text heading marginB-s4>
          My Screen
        <Card height={100} center padding-card marginB-s4>
          <Text body>This is an example card </Text>

        <Button label="Button" body bg-primaryColor square></Button>


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