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Optimized Bitcoin Mining Pool Web Stats
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.gitignore Initial git commit for wizstats
9000.php Nothing to see here, move along...
COPYING Initial git commit for wizstats
IE9.js Futile attempt to fix formatting in IE. Fixes SOME styling, but not f…
LICENSE Initial git commit for wizstats
LuxiTonal.ttf some start of tonal support
README new donation addr
api.php Fix potential sql bugs
blockinfo.php Fix potential sql bugs
blocks.php new donation addr
blocks_functions.php Nothing to see here, move along...
bot.php Fix up quick block stats for wizkid057s IRC announcer to work with wo…
common.php Minor typo fix
config.php.example update configuration example
dygraph-combined.js upgrade dygraph
excanvas.js Attempt to fix dygraph in IE
hashrate-json.php ensure the primary user_id for all users is based on the id of their …
hashrate.php Consolidate hash rate SQL queries
includes.php Huge changes: New style, new realtime counters in header, deduplicate…
index.php Make pool hash rate show hash rate units
instant.php fix bug with caching
instant_livedata.php Add warning for if CPPSRB is offline
instantscripts.php new donation addr
jquery.js Auto-updating main page block list, more accurate share counter (v1)
jsonp-example.html Eligius JSONP Data fetch from remote server
lib.bitcoin.php Initial git commit for wizstats
lib.userstat.php api: getuserstat
lib.util.php some start of tonal support
mystats.php Removed confusing menu option
payoutqueue.php Found two places where the server ID was hardcoded
poolhashrategraph.php More address fix ups
poolluckgraph.php new donation addr
sortable.js Add sortable.js to git (forgot in last commit)
stats-style.css Merge branch 'master' of into selb…
topcontributors.php new donation addr
updatebalancesv2.php new donation addr
updateblocksv2.php new donation addr
updateshares.php new donation addr
updatetxndata.php Prune orphaned payouts on updates
userstats.php Start working donation related items into stats
userstats_subcmd.php new donation addr
utils.php Changes to go with block list update
wizstats.schema Added caching to some more intense SQL queries (graph data, mainly)


Development of Pool Web Statistics

Note: Code is a mess! Bare with me...

If anyone has any issues or suggestions, please see my git repository at

Please realize that this software relies *heavily* on the Eligius Bitcoin Mining Pool's internal structure.  While with a decent amount of effort and technical skill these stats could be adapted to work with another pool, it is not an out of the box thing.  I note this here because there have been several requests for assistance in setting these up for other pools.  Perhaps in the future I will make that easier. :)

Much to come!

Donations/Tips appreciated: 1StatsQytc7UEZ9sHJ9BGX2csmkj8XZr2
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