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Any Url Http Server

A HTTP server that responds with the content of the input file, irrespective of what path / method is requested. Can be used for quickly mocking a API response for dev / testing purposes.


npm install anyurlhttpserver -g


anyurlhttpserver -p 3000 -f a.json

When the above command is executed, any URL that is hit at http://localhost:3000/* will serve the contents of a.json for all HTTP methods. To see help:

  $ anyurlhttpserver -h

  anyurlhttpserver: Serve one file for any url path / method.

  Usage: anyurlhttpserver [options]


    -p, --port           [Mandatory] Port to listen.
    -f, --file           File to serve. When not given, serves content '{"hello": "world"}'.
    -c, --content-type   Response content type. Default is 'application/json'.
    -C, --cors           Add CORS headers to response. Optional Allow-Origin URL as param. Default is '*'.
    -H, --header         * Response header in the format 'header:value'.
    -s, --status-code    Response status code. Default is '200'.
    -n, --ngrok          Provides an ngrok tunnel url for the running server.
    -v, --version        Display anyurlhttpserver version.
    -h, --help           Output usage information.

  Parameters with * can be used more than once.