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(Unofficial) A free and easy-to-use Google Translate PopClip Extension. 一个免费的谷歌翻译 PopClip 插件。
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Google Translate(PopClipExtension)


An unofficial free Google translate PopClip Extension based on Googletrans Python API.


  • English to Chinese (Simplified):
  • Chinese (Simplified) to English:

Click Copy to copy the translated results.


  • Google Translate Site: Choosing from (default) or The .cn server is for users in mainland China where the .com server is blocked by the government.
  • Destination Language and Source Language: If the selected text is not the Source Language, the sentences will be translated to the Source Language. Otherwise, the sentences will be translated to the Destination Language.

You can change all these settings by clicking the pencil shaped icon at the bottom of the popclip drop-down list.


Download the file from Releases and double click to install the extension.

The auto update alert feature is new to version 2.1, so the extension will check for updates once every seven days.

Frequently asked questions

  • Sometimes the pop-up window of PopClip just doesn't show up when I select some sentences.

It's the bug of PopClip. You can manually trigger PopClip window to appear by AppleScript: tell application "PopClip" to appear. And I'm using BetterTouchTool to achieve this function by binding 3 Finger Swipe Up gesture to run this AppleScript.



If this extension helps you a lot, you can support me by:

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