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MoniWiki is a public wiki engine built on PHP. The name "Moni" is a variant of the Korean word "Meoni" and is also a pun on the previously widely used MoinMoin wiki engine. It can be installed and used in Windows, Linux, and other environments. Many wikis in the Korean language are using this engine. A typical site that uses the MoniWiki engine is the Rigveda Wiki.

Since it was originally designed for personal wikis, it is known for its weak search function. However, since version 1.1.5 of MoniWiki, it has built-in its own indexer and has been able to cope with search to some extent. The reason for this is that Moniker has been enhanced to take into account large wiki sites like the Rigveda wiki. Starting with version, Moniker has been distributed for Windows with Apache and PHP embedded on the official website. Since version 1.1.5, most of the main documentation has been rewritten in Korean for MoniWiki.

One of MoniWiki's features, advantages, and disadvantages is that it is file system based. This is an advantage because it requires only a web server (such as Apache or Nginx) and PHP, making it easy to install and maintain. On the other hand, it's not very searchable, and it's hard to change the structure of the documents. Another advantage is that it's very easy to extend. If you know PHP, you can easily develop and add plugins. You can also develop systems and issue management systems based on MoniWiki.

How to install MoniWiki

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