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Teamspector is a complex network framework for experimenting with collaborative data. Currently it includes:

  • IMDb data extraction (extract-imdbws)
  • IMDb data pre-processing.
  • IMDb EDA.

Future Work

New Data Sources

New Research Hypothesis

  • Study the maturation time for nodes to become productive. Detect which nodes aren't maturating on time, predict whether they will maturate at all.
  • Study whether teams with more influent nodes produce better results.

Related Work

Collaborative networks

  • Amaral, Scala, Barthelemy & Stanley, 2000
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  • Watts & Strogatz, 1998
  • Mei-Chen Yeh, Wen-Po Wu, 2007 Clustering Faces in Movies Using an Automatically Constructed Social Network.


  • Dominique Haughton, Mark-David McLaughlin, Kevin Mentzer, Changan Zhang, 2014 Movie analytics: Visualization of the co-starring network

Success Prediction

  • An Zeng, Stanislao Gualdi, Matus Medo, Yi-Cheng Zhang, 2013 Trend Prediction in Temporal bipartite Networks: the Case of MovieLens,…
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  • Predicting Golden Globe Awards & Christmas Day Gross (