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Pytorch Implemention of paper "Deep Spectral Clustering Learning", the state of the art of the Deep Metric Learning Paper
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Deep Spectral Clustering Learning

Pytorch Implementation of Deep Spectral Clustering Learning, the state of the art of Deep Metric Learning Paper.


  • Python 3.6+
  • Pytorch 0.4.0+
  • visdom


Currently only fine-tuning method on CARS dataset is supported.

If you want to use your own custom data set, look at the class CustomDataset in and





  • To visualize intermediate results and loss plots, run python -m visdom.server and go to the URL http://localhost:8097


$ python --data_dir=/data_path --width_size=299 --lr=1e-5 --label_size=98 --large_batch_epoch=400 --large_batch_size=100 --small_batch_size=60 --dropout_rate=0.30 --model=inception_crop


$ python --data_dir='/hdd/DeepSpectralClustering/data' --width_size=299 --large_batch_epoch=410 --k=8 --model=inception

Implementation Comments

  • There are 2 methods(last layer / end-to-end) described in the paper, But I only included fine-tuning method because of the GPU memory issue.
  • This code does not include DSCL Normalized Spectral Clustering, which is a post processing method to improve score metric.
  • Loss function is implemented as "implementation detail" described in the paper.
  • I used top@k recall score for testing, except NMI score with K-means clustering.

Training Comments

  • Training of DSCL is very sensitive to batch size, learning rate, image augmentation and dropout rate. I strongly suggest handle these hyper parameters carefully.
  • I achieved about 80% top@8 recall score on CARS data set, but it is low compared to 93% top@8 recall score in the paper.
  • Metric score in the paper can be achieved with proper hyper parameters.
  • To prevent training explosion, I skipped applying gradient when loss is more than 500M

Results on CARS data set

Training Graphs

Metric Scores

Top K Recall R@1 R@2 R@4 R@8
Test Score 45.91 58.60 70.74 80.88
Scores In The Paper 67.54 77.77 85.74 90.95

Code reference

Visualization code(, references to pytorch-CycleGAN-and-pix2pix( by Jun-Yan Zhu


Tony Kim

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