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pyTivo is both an HMO and GoBack server. Similar to TiVo Desktop pyTivo loads many standard video compression codecs and outputs mpeg2 video to the TiVo. However, pyTivo is able to load MANY more file types than TiVo Desktop.
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pyTivo lets you stream most videos from your PC to your unhacked tivo. 
It uses the HMO server protocol. It will guess if your video is 4:3 or 
16:9 and pad your video if it thinks it is needed. It will not transcode 
an mpeg that is supported by your tivo.


OS = Anything that will run python and ffmpeg, which I think is 
anything. Known to work on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Python -
- You need at least version 2.5 of python

pywin32 (only to install as a service) -
- Windows users only and only if you intend to install as a service


You need to edit pyTivo.conf in 3 places

1. ffmpeg=
2. [<name of share>]
3. path=

ffmpeg should be the full path to ffmpeg including filename. path is the 
absolute path to your media.


---To install as a service in Windows

run --startup auto install

---To remove service

run remove

pyTivo was created by Jason Michalski ("armooo"). Contributors include 
Kevin R. Keegan, William McBrine, and Terry Mound ("wgw").
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