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Bounded Context for the Wikimedia Deutschland fundraising donation (sub-)domain. Used by the user facing donation application and the "Fundraising Operations Center" (which is not public software).

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Installing the dependencies

On first install, you run

make install-php

to install dependencies with composer. From time to time you should run

make update-php

to update the dependencies, to get the same version you'd get in CI.

Running the tests

make ci

This implicitly builds the app container as defined in docker-compose.yml & Dockerfile and executes all CI checks. For commands that run only a subset, see Makefile.

PHPUnit with filter

You can run individual commands, e.g. PHPUnit with a filter, with docker-compose:

docker-compose run --rm app ./vendor/bin/phpunit --filter valid


This Bounded Context follows the architecture rules outlined in Clean Architecture + Bounded Contexts.

Architecture diagram