An easy Nginx, MariaDB and PHP environment for Windows.
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Windows, Nginx, MariaDB And PHP (Wnmp)

Wnmp values security, stability and user friendliness.

Current Wnmp Version:

  • Wnmp 3.1.0

Versions of the software(Updated: August 6th 2017):

  • Nginx 1.13.4

  • MariaDB 10.2.7

  • PHP 7.1.8 (Non Thread Safe + FastCGI)

  • phpMyAdmin 4.7.3


How to Install

  1. To install download the latest version of Wnmp here (latest version 3.1.0)
  2. Then open Wnmp.exe and install it anywhere.
  3. And then run Wnmp.exe(which is located in the Wnmp folder)
  4. And then press the Start all button.
  5. And that's it, enjoy Wnmp!


The Username and Password for MariaDB is: user: root password: password (I recommend changing the password)

You should change $cfg['blowfish_secret'] in in the phpmyadmin folder for added security.

The SSL Certificate is now generated by Wnmp using VigorTLS. (Now Secure!)

Download Download


All donations are appreciated no matter if big or small. Note: there are many different ways of contributing to Wnmp that are listed here

Do you want a new feature added to Wnmp or think something could be improved?

If you do please tell us your suggestions here.

Mailing list links

wnmp-users mailing list


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