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Parses the WMI object database....looking for persistence
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There is nothing new here! It is just a rewrite of @DavidPany excellent work into WMI parsing. The original pythin code can be found here:


I need WMI parsing for autorunner, so converted the original python code to C#, and thought it might as well be available as a standalone tool. The only added feature is CSV export


.\wmi-parser.exe -i .\OBJECTS.DATA

wmi-parser v0.0.1

Author: Mark Woan / woanware (

  SCM Event Log Consumer-SCM Event Log Filter - (Common binding based on consumer and filter names,  possibly legitimate)
    Consumer: NTEventLogEventConsumer ~ SCM Event Log Consumer ~ sid ~ Service Control Manager

      Filter Name : SCM Event Log Filter
      Filter Query: select * from MSFT_SCMEventLogEvent


    Name: BadStuff
    Type: CommandLineEventConsumer
    Arguments: powershell.exe -NoP Start-Process ('badstuff.exe')

      Filter Name : DeviceDocked
      Filter Query: SELECT * FROM Win32_SystemConfigurationChangeEvent 
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