Scripts to trigger re-indexing of user profiles and content in SharePoint Online
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SPO Trigger Re-index scripts by @mikaelsvenson

Go the easy way with SharePoint Online Toolbox

  • Allows re-indexing of content - with support for Group sites and Delve blogs
  • Allows re-indexing of user profiles much faster than the script (bulk update)
  • Gives you access to the SharePoint Online crawllog

Get it here!


  • reindex-tenant.ps1 - Script to mark SharePoint online content to be picked up at the next crawl.

  • reindex-users.ps1 - Script to mark User Profiles to be picked up at the next crawl

Re-indexing of SPO content

This script which will iterate all site collections, sites and sub-sites on your tenant to force a trigger of re-indexing / full crawl of all items on the next crawl.

In SharePoint Online you cannot force a full crawl via the admin user interface and thus have to iterate all sites and set a property in the property bag to accomplish the same task.

This is needed for several search schema modifications, for example when you map crawled properties to managed properties.

The script also has a function to enable population of the ManagedProperties managed property for use with the SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool v2.

The script is executed like this:

.\reindex-tenant.ps1 -url -username someuser -password somepassword

Be sure to check that $csomPath is pointing to the right folder for your CSOM library install

You may also add the -enableAllManagedProperties parameter which by default is set to $false. This is used in conjunction with the feature mentioned above with the ManagedProperties property.

For an explanation of the ManagedProperties property read

More info: How to trigger a full re-index in SharePoint On-line.

Re-indexing of user profiles

See How to trigger re-indexing of user profiles in SharePoint On-line for an explanation of user profile indexing

Requires CSOM package from September 3rd 2014 or newer

DO NOT run from a SharePoint Online Management Powershell. Use a regular Powershell to avoid CSOM DLL conflicts

This script will iterate all user profiles in SPO to force a trigger of re-indexing of the profiles on the next crawl.

Monitoring has shown that indexing of user profiles happens at approximately a 4 hour interval (per December 10th 2014). I have seen as low as 2h (night time) and as high as 8h (daytime).

The script is executes like this:

.\reindex-users.ps1 -url -username <yourusernameORprompt> -password <yourpwORprompt>

You can also add the switch -changeProperty to choose if you want to use SPS-Birthday or Department (now default) as your change property.