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LeakLooker GUI - Discover, browse and monitor database/source code leaks
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LeakLooker X - GUI

Powered by Binary Edge

Discover, browse and monitor database/source code leaks



  • python3
  • Binary Edge paid plan
  • django
  • celery
  • redis
  • BeautifulSoup
pip install -r requirements.txt

Install & Run

  • Paste your Binary Edge api key into config.json
  • Paste your gmail email and password in case you want to use monitoring feature
python3 makemigrations
python3 migrate
python3 runserver

n a new window fire up redis

apt-get install redis redis-server


In a new window (in main directory) run

celery worker -A leaklooker --loglevel=info

For scheduling task (monitoring) run also

celery -A leaklooker beat --loglevel=info


And server should be available on https://localhost:8000/


Useful commands


Dashboard shows chart of retrieved databases by type

Number of confirmed/for later findings

Binary Edge credits and total amount of records in database

Progress of checking MongoDB/Cassandra/Rethink/Elastic (% of findings marked as confirmed or for later)

Random leaks by type (not confirmed nor marked for later)

Findings marked "for later" for the same random type



  • by type

Orange "count" button counts amount of records in your database

Blue "count" button counts amount in Binary Edge

  • by keyword & network & all types at once

If there are no results (due to blacklist or they are already in db) you will be informed


  • by type (recommended)

  • whole database

Red button deletes record and put it in blacklist so it will be never displayed again

Green button confirms finding

Blue button marks it as "for later review"


It will sent mail every 24 hours with new findings based on provided keywords/network.

It compares new results with database and blacklist and sends only new findings.


"gitlab": "title:%22gitlab%22%20AND%20web.body.content:%22register%22",
"elastic": "type:%22elasticsearch%22",
"dirs": "title:%22Index of /%22",
"jenkins": "title:%22Dashboard [Jenkins]%22",
"mongo": "type:%22mongodb%22",
"rsync": "port:873 @RSYNCD",
'sonarqube': "title:SonarQube",
'couchdb': "product:couchdb",
"kibana": "product:kibana",
"cassandra": "type:cassandra",
"rethink": "type:rethinkdb"


  • I am not responsible for any damage caused by using the tool
  • You must login to the gmail account via browser first to use monitoring
  • If something does not work or you have an idea raise an issue
  • Tested on Kali Linux on newest browser
  • All credits for template goes to ColorLib
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