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This is FAQ from original Matchering page. May not be actual.

What is Matchering?

It is an automated audio matching and mastering algorithm.

Why does my track need it?

Your TARGET track will have the same power, "frequency color" and stereo width as any REFERENCE track after this processing. Also your track will be mastered with the REFERENCE track's mastering settings.

Does Matchering use the neural network?


Are there any limits of the usage?

No, you can use your Matchered tracks wherever you want.

How should I prepare my audio before Matchering?

First of all: your TARGET audio should not be clipped. You should leave some headroom about -3 or -6 dB. It is recommended to upload the TARGET audio file with the best quality possible, for e.g. WAV 44100 Hz with 24 or 16 bits. Also we recommend you do not use any processing at master bus (for e.g. limiters, maximizers, equalizers, etc.).

How could I change Matchering options?

You could change it by uploading another REFERENCE.

How do I choose the right REFERENCE?

It is up to you, but we may recommend something: The REFERENCE track should have the same genre and style as the TARGET track has. Also for a perfect experience the root key of the REFERENCE must be the same as the root key of your TARGET. Check the structures of the TARGET and the REFERENCE tracks, for perfect results they should contain similar layers.

I got the error message while processing, what should I do?

Read the error message and fix your files.

Why did not my mono TARGET become as wide as the REFERENCE?

Your TARGET track should have some stereo information to process it. If it is pure mono, it is nothing to process.

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