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vcslog logs vcs interactions!

The title says it all, really... vcslog logs interactions with version control systems.

Currently all command-line version control systems are supported.


There are two parts to vcslog: the main script and the wrapper. The main script performs management-type functions, while the wrapper wraps each invocation of the VCS, logging information such as the command, exit status and runtime.


  1. Extract/clone the entire vcslog distribution to ~/.vcslog [*]

    $ git clone https://github.com/wolever/vcslog.git ~/.vcslog
  2. Add ~/.vcslog/bin/ to the front of $PATH

    $ echo 'export PATH="~/.vcslog/bin/:$PATH' >> ~/.profile
  3. Run ~/.vcslog/vcslog setup to build the wrapper script, vcslog-wrapper, install the appropriate symlinks, etc.

    $ ~/.vcslog/vcslog setup
    building vcslog-wrapper...
    gcc -Wall -g -c xquotestr.c -o bin/xquotestr.o
    gcc -Wall -g bin/xquotestr.o wrapper.c -o bin/vcslog-wrapper
    creating vcs symlinks: hg git svn cvs p4 ok.
    creating vcslog symlink... ok.
    creating log directory... ok.
    checking $PATH... ok.
  4. Test it!

    $ git stuff
    git: 'stuff' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
    $ vcslog dump
    git stuff,0.00673794746399,1294479674.55,0,/Users/wolever/.vcslog/logs/vcslog-git-23165,1294479674.55,2080928.20809,1048960.02316,vcslog-wrapper-0.01
[*]The VCSLOG_HOME environment variable can be used to override this default.


Why would I use this?

For science!

The data collected by vcslog could help vcs authors learn about how people use their systems, address common problems, etc.

It's also pretty cool.

How can I submit my data?
Uuhh... Stay tuned! Eventually there will be a simple way to submit your data.
What version control systems are supported?
All of them! Because vcslog simply wraps the vcs's binary it can really support just about anything.
Why do you have a .hgignore in a git repository?
Because I actually despise git and use Mercurial for everything (including git repositories).