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This is a minor mode for handling Grails projects in Emacs.

I have tested this with v23+, it probably doesn't work with older versions.

Right now the main thing it does is integrate with anything.

This by itself seems pretty useful.

When you edit a file that is under a standard grails project structure, it will load grails-mode, and define a key C-ca, which will display a list of all the relevant files in the grails project.

By typing a pattern you can narrow it to all controllers or views or taglibs etc, or all the files related to "post" for instance, which would show the PostController, all the view files related to posts the Post domain etc.

I plan to add quick jump features to it so you can jump to the view from a controller action etc, like most other IDEs have.

Pair this with groovy-mode and an html-mode it is a pretty good way to edit Grails stuff.


  • Maybe it would be better to have views/controllers/domains etc grouped under different headings

  • Implement context sensitive jumps ie in controller post action show jump to show.gsp in views/post