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Using a cheap Arduino mini pro, uno or nano this sketch allows you to interface a panel like Viki or a Parallel LCD with encoder via SPI.

Specifically used for running I2C and parallel panels on a Smoothie compatible board.

Prebuild bianries ready for upload to arduino are:-

  • viki_panel_adapter.hex for viki/panelolu2
  • parallel_panel_adapter.hex for parallel LCD

Default Wiring is as follows:-

Viki to Nano

SDA  -> A4
SCL  -> A5
ENCA -> D2
ENCB -> D3
Gnd  -> Gnd
+5v  -> +5v

Parallel LCD pin to Nano

 4 RS -> D9
 5 RW -> A0
 6 EN -> A1
11 D4 -> D5
12 D5 -> D6
13 D6 -> D7
14 D7 -> D8

 1 gnd
 2 +5v
 3 contrast
 15,16 backlight power (on some)
Encoder is connected to Nano
ENCA  -> D2
ENCB  -> D3
Click -> A2

Smoothie to Nano

MOSI -> D11 : 0.18
MISO -> D12 : 0.17
SCK  -> D13 : 0.15
SS   -> D10 : 0.16
BUSY -> D4  : 2.11 (or 1.30 on Azteeg X5) (And set panel.busy_pin in config to that pin)

Smoothie config

add this to your config file on smoothie

panel.enable                                true              # enable panel
panel.lcd                                   universal_adapter #
panel.spi_channel                           0                 # spi channel to use (0- MISO 0.17, MOSI 0.18, SCK 0.15, SS 0.16)
panel.spi_cs_pin                            0.16              # spi chip select
panel.busy_pin                              2.11              # busy pin NOTE 1.30 on Azteeg X5


For compiling the following Arduino libraries are needed

For Viki and I2C based panels

For Parallel panels


An arduino based adapter to drive a 20x4 line parallel or i2c panel from smoothieware



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