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wolfSSL Product for Renesas

This repository contains commercially licensed wolfSSL product code for use on specified Renesas platforms. This code is only properly licensed when following the license terms in the LICENSE file included in this repository. wolfCrypt only usage is excluded from this license.

wolfSSL Embedded SSL/TLS Library

wolfSSL is a lightweight, embedded SSL/TLS library that supports up to the most current TLS 1.3 and DTLS 1.3 protocols.

Library Version Information

This repository currently contains the following wolfSSL product versions.

Product Version Notes
wolfSSL 5.6.0 stable Latest release of wolfSSL

wolfSSL Renesas Support

The wolfSSL library supports several Renesas MCUs, with example projects for e2studio and CS+. wolfSSL inludes support for leveraging the Renesas Trusted Secure IP Driver (TSIP) and Secure Cryptographic Engine (SCE). Complete details can be found in each example's respective README, located in the subdirectory linked below.

Current Software Package / Driver Support

MCU Software / Driver
Synergy S7G2 SSP 1.7.0
RA6M3 FSP 3.5.0
RA6M4 FSP 3.5.0
RX65N (RSK-RX65N) TSIP 1.15
RX72N TSIP 1.15

Available Example Projects

wolfSSL maintains example projects for the following supported Renesas platforms. These examples are located in the wolfssl-X.X.X-commercial/IDE/Renesas/e2studio directory.

Microcontroller Platform Example Project
Synergy S7G2 DK-S7G2 IDE/Renesas/e2studio/DK-S7G2
RA6M3 EK-RA6M3 IDE/Renesas/e2studio/RA6M3
RA6M4 EK-RA6M4 IDE/Renesas/e2studio/RA6M4
RX65N GR-ROSE IDE/Renesas/e2studio/RX65N/GR-ROSE
RX65N Renesas Starter Kit+ for RX65N-2MB IDE/Renesas/e2studio/RX65N/RSK
RX72N RX72N EnvisionKit IDE/Renesas/e2studio/RX72N/EnvisionKit

Additional wolfSSL Products to Explore

Product Description
wolfSSH Lightweight SSHv2 library
wolfMQTT Lightweight MQTT client
wolfBoot Portable secure bootloader
wolfSentry Embedded IDPS
wolfCrypt FIPS 140-2/3 FIPS 140-2/3 validated crypto
wolfCrypt FIPS Ready FIPS crypto without a validation
wolfTPM Portable TPM 2.0 library
tiny-curl Lightweight version of libcurl

Further Resources

wolfSSL Website

wolfSSL Renesas Support
wolfSSL TSIP Support

Renesas Website

MCU Resources
Renesas RX MCUs
Renesas RA MCUs
Renesas Synergy MCUs

Driver and Module Resources
Renesas Trusted Secure IP Driver (TSIP)
Renesas Secure Cryptographic Module (SCE) HAL Module Guide


For support inquiries and questions, please email Feel free to reach out to as well.


This repository contains commercially licensed wolfSSL products and example code for use on specified Renesas platforms.








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