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Wolfv, great work on the module. I'm seing some great potential in this. Especially what you've got goin on with the suggest link and suggest image feature!

I had some trouble getting it to work initially, as something must have gotten messed up with the submodules you were using. The modules point nowhere, so the markdown libs and the ACE are not part of the downloaded repo.

I did a little guessing and trial and error, and added those manually, after deleting the submodule stubs (as explained here - in the bottom):

Furthermore the images directory is not part of the repo either. Just to let you know.

If you'd rather want to use those submodules (can't make up my mind what's best, as that way a lot of unnecessary files are added, especially from the ACE builds), feel free to go ahead and just close this request!


Hey Anselm,

did you try git submodules init and git submodules update?

Anyway, I am really glad you liked it and I will merge your pull request as soon as I got my main computer back from the repairshop -- since your argumentation is logical and it really shouldn't add all that clutter. (I am gonna mergee it later because I don't fully trust the auto merge button from github :)

If you want to help making the markdowneditor field better, you are very welcome!
I still have some potentially good ideas for the future (for example matching the paths when searching for images instead of only matching the filename...). A real plus would be a "file manager" from the popup.

Very cool would also be an integration with the core silverstripe popups and stuff, but I couldn't wrap my head around this last time I did work on the module and also the popups looked quite a bit unfinished.

Another thing I am planning to fix is a easy way to decorate a DataObject with a MarkdownContent and a Content field, so that marked up content goes to the "standard" content field on "beforeWrite" or so.

This way, it would be possible to replace the links to images and sites with the right shortcode so Image and Link tracking would be functional again...

Just laying out my plans :) I still don't have an actual website where I use it, because everytime I try to design my own website, I never am able to finish it -- to many new ideas ... ;)


Looks like i have missed out a git add . ... sorry about the pain, you are absolutely right that I missed the /images/ folder ... :/


Sounds awesome. And regarding the ACE source, we could/should probably also remove all those mode and theme files that are not needed, and that way keep the module code lean. Another thing would be to add those sources in the readme in order to keep later updating less painful (though for now it's documented here).
I'm all in for keeping on getting this more production ready. I had been contemplating on using it for a client project I'm currently working on but because of those reasons you're mentioning, I'm probably not doing it this time (how do you explain a client to insert and resize an image?). Maybe it would be an idea to use the Github issue tracker for those items?

Let me know when you've had time to add those images back in, and I'll update my branch!

On another note, I did some changes on my own branch as I had some unexplainable problems calling it markdown (see here). On my branch it's now called markdowneditorfield. A better approach would be to use a constant name for that, and/or mention in the readme which module folder name to use.

Looking forward to see this developing and helping out!


Hi @wolfv, out of usability considerations I've decided not to use the markdown field on the client project I'm currently working on. I had been developing a MarkdownComboPage, that allows for editing pages either in Markdown or html. Having a second look, I found it was a little overkill for the project. I'll definitely use it for other projects though, especially those where I'll do the content editing myself (as it's just a lot faster).

In case you're interested, I've shared it on Github here:


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