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This repository contains a source code of my blog

Running local blog using Docker

You can start Hexo server using Docker container with the following command:

$ ./ server --config _config.yml,_config.local.yml

It will check if the docker image eprinstacktraceblog:local exists, and if not, it will generate one.

$ docker images eprintstacktraceblog:local   
REPOSITORY             TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
eprintstacktraceblog   local               eb7311f8fca5        2 minutes ago       268 MB
$ ./ server --config _config.yml,_config.local.yml
INFO  Config based on 2 files
[Browsersync] Access URLs:
          UI: http://localhost:3001
 UI External: http://localhost:3001
INFO  Start processing
INFO  Hexo is running at http://localhost:4000 . Press Ctrl+C to stop.
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