Django App for Fashion revolution Wall
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Fashion Revolution Wall


Live wall/ photo feed of clothing labels for Fashion Revolution Day for Fashion Revolution. People will be taking photos of their clothing labels, we would like them to all upload onto a live feed.

##Team ###Backend


##Project Setup

  1. Get the code: git clone
  2. Get Virtual Env
  3. Get virtualend wrapper
  4. Create a new virtual enviroment for the project mkvirtualenv fashrevwall
  5. Use this enviroment or change to this from another by using: workon fashrevwall
  6. Go to project folder: pip install -r requirements.txt
  7. Get Postgres
  8. Create empty db for now locally, createdb fashrevwall
  9. Start the server: python runserver

Front End Instuctrions

  1. First you will need to install NPM to manage packages
  2. Install Grunt
  3. Go to static-src folder and run npm install to install all the front end dependencies.

Deploy to Heroku

  1. Create a Heroku account and get added to the app
  2. Download Heroku Toolbeit
  3. Login: heroku login
  4. Add a new remote to push to Heroku: git remote add heroku-remote
  5. You may need to add ssh keys heroku keys:add if this is a machine that has not had heroku setup before
  6. When you have changed ready to push, your working directory must be clean then do git push heroku-remote master
  7. See the pushed changes: heroku open
  8. If any issues, view the logs: heroku logs