Women Hack for Non-Profits Website Overhaul
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Women Hack for Non-Profits Website Overhaul

Women Hack for Non-Profits website rebuild.

Dev Setup Instructions

  1. First you will need to install NPM to manage packages https://nodejs.org/
  2. Install Grunt
  3. Clone the repo: git clone git@github.com:womenhackfornonprofits/whfnp.git
  4. Install all required packages: npm install in the directory root, this will read the package.json file and install all required packages.
  5. You will need to have Ruby on your machine
  6. Install Ruby Gems
  7. Get Bundler (the Ruby package manager): gem install bundler
  8. Run bundle install in the project root directory to install dependencies
  9. You will need to create a file s3settings.json and s3settingsprod.json with the following content:

Development bucket

	"key": "your key here",
	"secret": "your secret here",
	"bucket": "devwomenhackfornonprofits",
	"region": "us-west-2"

Production bucket

	"key": "your production key here",
	"secret": "your production secret here",
	"bucket": "www.womenhackfornonprofits.com",
	"region": "eu-west-1"

Development Instructions

  1. HTML, CSS/SASS changes In order to compile and watch the SASS and the templates run grunt default, this will watch for changes to html and sass and compile it all.

Deploying changes

  1. Make sure the gruntfile is pointing to the right credential file s3settings.json this should be by default using dev credentials
  2. All you need is to run grunt deploy This will minify, copy and do everything else needed to push the site to the dev bucket.

Note: All this information can be filled out once you have access to the bucket to deploy to DEV & PROD.


Tools & Technologies

Making Changes

In the Gruntfile.js you can find various tasks to compile, deploy and help you work locally, take a peek in there.