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Wonderful8Coin - W8

Wonderful8Coin is a X13, PoW/PoS coin that provides super awarded blocks based on the hash. The normal payout of each block is 88 coins. If the hash contains 6-8 8s (about 5% depends on the genesis block), the payout will increase to 888 coins. If 9 or more 8s in the hash (about 1%), then 8888 coins are paid.

Wonderful8Coin uses true randomness, so multipools or those with huge hash power can not get more advantages. The coin uses PoW/PoS separation technologies so it provides faster transactions.


  • X13
  • PoW/PoS independent
  • 4 transaction confirmations
  • 80 minted block confirmations


  • 120 sec PoW block time

  • diff retarget each block for PoW

  • Initial payout will be 88 coins per block

  • If the current hash contains between 6 to 8 8's, the payout is 888 coins.

  • If the current hash contains 9 or more 8's, the payout is 8888 coins.

  • True randomness, no cheat from multipools

  • block payout will be halved every 30 days

  • PoW mining will be shut down after 90 days


  • 30 sec PoS block time

  • diff retarget each block for PoS

  • minimum hold for PoS: 1 day

  • maximum hold for PoS: 50 days

  • PoS payout will be fixed at 5% per year.

  • Total PoW coins will be 8,304,800.

  • Total coins (including PoS) will be about 14,000,000.

Ports: connection: 13455 RPC: 13456