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Manage and deploy WooCommerce configuration changes

WooCart-Defaults lets you copy database configuration to / from the filesystem.

If you want to develop on this plugin check the Development docs.

Plugins Denylist

The denylist contains a list of plugins in the file denylist.php and the same list also exists on the minisites repository in denylist.json. Any changes to the denylist needs to be updated in both the files.

On minisites, all plugins on the list need to have one of the below reasons noted:

Shortened Reason
security Unnecessary, WooCart takes care of security.
speed Unnecessary, WooCart takes care of performance.
backup/duplicate/migrate Unnecessary, WooCart takes care of backups and transfers.
legal Unnecessary, WooCart takes care of legal.
use case Unsupported use case.
issues Causes conflicts or issues.
unavailable Outdated or unsupported plugin.
outdated Outdated or unsupported plugin.
vulnerability Security vulnerability.