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This project contains the program files for the Survey on Practices and Challenges for Reproducibility of Empirical Research.
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Practical Steps to Credibility and Transparency in Research.pdf


This repository contains the data and code for the presentation by Guadalupe Bedoya on Practical Steps to Credibility and Transparency in Research: Who Should Do What? during the Research Symposium on Reproducibility, Transparency and Credibility at the World Bank on September 10, 2019.

The team includes:

  • Guadalupe Bedoya [@gbedoyaWB] - Economist, DIME
  • Camila Ayala [@mcayala] - Research Assistant, DIME
  • Luiza Cardoso de Andrade [@luizaandrade] - Data Coordinator, DIME
  • Amy Dolinger [@adolinger] - Research Analyst, DIME
  • Thomas Escande [@escandethomas] - Research Analyst, DIME


The questionnaires used during this survey are available in the Questionnaires folder in this page. More documentation can be found in this repository's Wiki. Navigate to it using the repository menu at the top of the page.


Code and data to replicate the results presented can be found in the Data folder. The code runs in Stata, and should be compatible with Stata versions 13 and up (but it was only tested in StataMP 15).

To run it, use the MASTER do-file, by changing only folder paths on top of the do-file, and selecting sections to run. The Cleaning and Construct RA data set do-files will not run on to the identified data set, which is not publicly available.


For questions, requests and suggestions, please create an Issue in this repository.

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