Replication code for the World Bank Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2018
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SDG Atlas 2018 code for analysis & figures

This respository contains code and some data for the World Bank's Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2018.

If you simply want to understand how a particular figure was derived, what transformations were made and with what assumptions, it is probably easiest to just browse the code on Github. To help navigate the repo, see 'Contents' below.

If you want to be able to rebuild some or all of the figures, see 'Installation'.

Note on non-R maps

Fifteen more complex maps (rasters & other detail) were produced using QGIS. These are not included in this repository due to the large file sizes associated with raster map data.

They can be found in the World Bank Data Catalogue, along with an archive of this respository, at:



Each chapter has an R script associated with it. Figures within the chapter are self contained functions, with names that (usually) match the rendered figure's filename.

With in each file, make_all() will re-render PNGs in the default style and location.

make_all() in make.R will re-render all the figures.


Contains the rendered figures.


Contains any data which was not available via the World Bank or another API.


A complete installation / replication guide is given in

This repository depends on the wbgviz custom R packages.

Some parts depend a submodule of restricted data that we cannot make public.

To clone the restricted submodule as well (World Bank users)

To clone, first clone as usual then within the git folder hierarchy, then to get the submodules run

git submodule update --init

Alternatively to clone the repo including submodules in one go, you can try the --recursive flag:

git clone --recursive


Without history

We have corrected a small number of errors between finalization of the print publication and release of this repository. The history of these errata is not present in repository. Any further errata will be corrected as new commits.


Data for this figure are not currently published.


Data were revised prior to finalization.


Data were revised prior to finalization.


The data dates given in the subtitle were incorrectly listed as 2012-14.


Figure updated to take a more conservative approach to handling 'no data' values.


Incorrect/ambiguous source given.

With history



Full credits for the Atlas are extensive, and included in the book/PDF. Credits for the code in this repository are as follows (stats captured when we froze changes and make public):

  • @econandrew (227 commits 245,288 ++ 123,955 --)
  • @seladore (124 commits 6,023 ++ 2,460 --)
  • @tkb (120 commits 76,780 ++ 5,720 --)
  • @drkarthi (111 commits 310,041 ++ 9,523 --)