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Avalonia-exclusive experimental touch-friendly UI theme. Contains five color schemes, including the original light citrus theme, ocean-blue theme, rusty dark theme, candy and magma themes.
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Avalonia experimental theme.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to install the library as a NuGet package:

Install-Package Citrus.Avalonia
# Or 'dotnet add package Citrus.Avalonia'

Then, reference the preffered theme from your App.xaml file:

<Application xmlns=""
    <!-- The line below is the only thing you need to get started.
         Tested with Avalonia 0.9.0 only, although not with all controls. -->
    <StyleInclude Source="avares://Citrus.Avalonia/Citrus.xaml"/>

    <!-- To use other themes:
         1. Comment out *all* of the <StyleInclude /> lines.
         2. Uncomment *one* of the <StyleInclude /> lines below. -->
    <!-- <StyleInclude Source="avares://Citrus.Avalonia/Sea.xaml"/> -->
    <!-- <StyleInclude Source="avares://Citrus.Avalonia/Rust.xaml"/> -->
    <!-- <StyleInclude Source="avares://Citrus.Avalonia/Candy.xaml"/> -->
    <!-- <StyleInclude Source="avares://Citrus.Avalonia/Magma.xaml"/> -->

Done! Now the templates of all default controls are updated. See the sandbox project for more examples. See StyleManager.cs to learn how to change color scheme at runtime.

Getting Started without NuGet

Another way to get started is to add this repo as a submodule to your existing git repository:

mkdir ./external
git submodule add ./external/citrus
# Reference the ../external/citrus/src/Citrus.Avalonia/Citrus.Avalonia.csproj project then.
# The ../external/citrus/src/Citrus.Avalonia.Sandbox/Citrus.Avalonia.Sandbox.csproj is 
# the sandbox where you can browse the markup samples.
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