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World Models Article

This repo contains the source for the interactive article "World Models".

If you are looking for the TensorFlow implementation of the model and experimental setup, please see:

World Models World Models Article

Article - main text of the article, in markdown. - appendix, in markdown.

draft_bib.html - the citations.

draft_header.html - start of the document

index.html - generated, don't edit this file.

Instructions to Build and Test

git clone
npm install

Modify text by editing -- this is where all of the content exists.

Appendix content goes in Add bib entries to draft_bib.html.

Run ./bin/make to build document into index.html (which are identical). Run python -m http.server to serve on the base directory to view draft.html in a local browser for debugging.

To watch all markdown files for changes and then compile them, you can run the following

brew install fswatch


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