The full source for [](, the home-page of the Elm programming language. Open sourced as a way to teach people how to write and serve Elm code. Follow the instructions in to get the site setup on your own machine.
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compile.bat a template for creating websites in Elm

This project contains all of the source files used to create, the home-page of the Elm programming language.

The project provides a general structure for creating your own Elm website, mixing Elm, images, videos, HTML/CSS/JS, and whatever else you need.

This project includes a Haskell server that determines how to serve each kind of file, so you only need to think about the content.

Set up

First make sure that you have the ELm compiler installed (directions).

Then follow these steps to get this all running on your local machine:

Unix / Mac
  • Fork this project.
  • Run bash This will compile the server.
  • Run ./Server to start the server.
  • Fork this project.
  • Run compile.bat. This will compile the server and start it on your machine.

Great! You should be set up with running at localhost:8000/.

Project Structure

  • public/ — all of the .elm files used for the site. This makes up the majority of client-side code. You can change/delete the existing files and add entirely new files. The changes, deletions, and additions will be served automatically.
  • resources/ — the various resources needed for Elm. This is where you put all of your non-Elm content, like images, videos, JavaScript code, etc.
  • server/ — the Haskell files responsible for serving everything from .elm files to images. Look here if you need to change how a particular resource is served or if you want to disable some of the sites features (such as the online editor).