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A pelican theme ported from maupassant-hexo by tufu9441, which originated from maupassant by cho.


cd into your blog folder. Then

git clone ./maupassant

Then change/add THEME option in to

THEME = 'maupassant'


Navigation Menu

MENUITEMS: It is a list of tuples in the format of (title, link, font-awesome-id)

The default value of MENUITEMS is

MENUITEMS = [('Home', '/.', 'fa-home'), ('Archive', '/archives.html', 'fa-archive')]


WIDGETS: It is a list of strings representing the widgets, which can be found in the template/widgets folder.

WIDGETS = ['search', 'category', 'tag', 'recent_articles', 'recent_comments', 'links']

Available widgets

  • 'search': google search for the blog.
  • 'category': show a list of current categories.
  • 'tag': show 100 current tags. Can be used with plugin tag cloud.
  • 'recent_articles': show recent 10 articles.
  • 'recent_comments': show recent 5 comments. Display only if DISQUS_SHORTNAME is set.
  • 'links': blogroll. You can customize it via LINKS.

You can make your own widgets by creating a corresponding html file in the template/widgets folder. Then you can activate it by putting its name into WIDGETS.


Only Disqus commenting system is supported right now.

DISQUS_SHORTNAME: It is a string representing your Disqus shortname.

Comments by default are enabled for articles and are closed for pages. You can enable/disable comments on certain articles or pages by providing comments keyword in the front matter.

To enable: comments: True

To disable: comments: False

Math Rendering

MATHJAX: True or False(default). Better to have plugin render math installed also.

Syntax Highlight Style

The default syntax highlight style is default. If you want to change the style, you can change the pygment.css file in static/css folder. See Pelican official FAQ if you want to use other styles.


The theme can recognize favicon.ico in its static folder. So put your logo in the static folder if you want to have it used on your website.

Summary of Article

If <!--more--> is put somewhere in an article, article content until <!--more--> will be used as summary shown on index pages. If there is no such tag, article.summary will be used.

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