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Red Flat Awesome WM config

Custom config for Awesome WM.

This config is compatible with AwesomeWM version 4.0 and newer.



Video Demo


Advanced user config for awesome consist of a bunch of new widgets, features, tiling schemes, and some reworked standard widgets. This repository provide only config examples and themes. Main code base can be found in redflat submodule.

Core Features

  • Full color control, including widget icons;
  • True vector scaling for widget icons (gdkpixbuf required);
  • New unique panel widgets and some reworked from standard lib;
  • A pack of desktop widgets;
  • A pack of widgets for applications control (quick launch, application switch, ect);
  • Several minor improvements for menu widget;
  • Alternative titlebars with several visual schemes;
  • Active screen edges;
  • Keys sequences;
  • Advanced hotkeys helper;
  • Special window control mode which allow use individual hotkeys for different layouts;
  • New tiling layout to build your placement scheme manually;



  • Awesome WM 4.0+


widget type utility
unread mail indicator panel curl/user scripts
system updates panel apt-get*
volume control panel pacmd
brightness control floating xbacklight
mpris2 player floating dbus-send
CPU temperature desktop lm-sensors
HDD temperature desktop smartctl**
Nvidia GPU temperature desktop nvidia-smi/optirun
torrent info desktop transmission-remote

* Actually any one-liner written for your package manager.
** Should be configured to run from user.

Installation and Usage


Copy scripts to WM setting folder. Simple way to do so with git

$ git clone ~/.config/awesome --recursive

Then edit rc.lua to select wanted config.

Start with Colorless

Config rc-colorless.lua is basic setup. It provide general features only and should work without any additional editing. After installing colorless config you can set you own colors, fonts, hotkeys and then start porting wanted widgets from colored configs. It's the most safe and reliable way to use this config.

Start with Colors

Colored are author's personal configs. It's full featured setup filled with widgets preconfigured for certain software and hardware environment. Should be carefully edited and adapted before using. This way suitable mostly to experienced awesome users. Some things to pay attention:

  • Better to disable desktop section from the start. There a lot of hardware specific widgets which can be configured later.
  • Third party user applications set in environment and autostart sections.
  • Carefully check "Panel widgets" section, reconfigure or disable widgets there. Do not forget remove disabled panel widgets from awful.screen.connect_for_each_screen function.
  • Rules and hotkeys are another parts of config which definitely need revising.

Start with Shades

The same as colors but may have some experimental or unpolished features.


Hotkeys helper bound to Mod4+F1 (with holding modkey) by default, It will show you all hotkeys available at the current moment.

Theme files is very valuable part of config. Some widgets appearance can be changed dramatically with themes.

This config was designed to work with composite manager (e.g. compton).

ACYLS icon pack is very good complement for this configs. Some widgets was designed with this pack in mind.

There are lot shared parts between configs and themes, pay attention to require directives.

Xephyr is excellent tool for awesome deep customization.


This config isn't compatible with standard awesome themes and its themes not compatible with default config.


There is some inheritance and code sharing between theme files.

Colorless themes/colorless/theme.lua is base and only one self-sufficient theme. It contains list of all appearance variables for redflat widgets with commentaries. Also it directly define style for rc-colorless config.

Colored themes/colored/theme.lua is theme which contain some shared settings (e.g. fonts) for different color configs. It inherits all data from colorless theme and overwrites some values. Doesn't used directly from configs.

Color specified themes (e.g. themes/blue/theme.lua for rc-blue.lua) are inherit all data from colored and overwrite config specific values. So to find some widget style for blue theme you shuold check theme files order blue -> colored -> colorless.

Adding new theme

Easiest way to make a copy of colorless theme file and edit it.


All code provided as is without any warranties.

The project started as custom personal config. Later was reconstructed as awesome extension module but still has a lot things to fix. Some parts of redflat were designed for early versions of awesome and need refactoring now. Project always open to any code improvement and fixes.

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