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🚨 A VJ application using Web Midi, Web Audi and three.js
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VJ app

For our final web programming course we had to create a web based application that combined one of the technologies we saw in class and one technology we had to experiment with ourself.

We chose to combine Web MIDI, Web Audio and three.js into one killer visual jockey app. You can check out the project here (you'll need to connect a Traktor Kontrol F1 to experiment with the visuals.)

As an extra we collect sound via the mic and visuals through a webcam to manipulate the visuals even further.


Traktor Kontrol F1 (you might also need "controller editor" from Native Instruments website to activate MIDI mode on this device if it doesn't work after plugging in and pressing SHIFT+BROWSE).

For now, Web MIDI is only available in Opera and Chrome.


As a MIDI device we chose the Traktor Kontrol F1. This because it has many buttons and is well known in the DJ scene which is a plus.

PUNCH-1: scene 1 (cubes)

PUNCH-2: scene 2 (balls)

PUNCH-3: scene 3 (vertices)

FILTER-1: shape color red

FILTER-2: shape color green

FILTER-3: shape color blue

FILTER-4: beat sensitivity

SLIDER-1: shape x-rotation speed

SLIDER-2: shape y-rotation speed

SLIDER-3: shape z-rotation speed

KEYLOCK-1: shape material default

KEYLOCK-2: shape material standard (shiney)

KEYLOCK-3: shape material wireframe

FX-1: one shot effect strobe

FX-2: one shot effect fade-out

FX-3: one shot effect disco

SHIFT+FILTER-1: background color red

SHIFT+FILTER-2: background color green

SHIFT+FILTER-3: background color blue

SHIFT+FILTER-4: backround y-rotation speed

SHIFT+KEYLOCK-1: background material solid

SHIFT+KEYLOCK-2: background material video

SHIFT+KEYLOCK-3: background material wireframe

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