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For empowering scientific & technical content creators 🌱

👩🏼‍🔬 Connect with your fans, peers, and stakeholders, build trust in your scientific results, and earn a living online with the only Open Source movement of its kind built for technical creators, by technical creators.

Easily build anything with widgets - from landing pages, online courses & books, and knowledge bases to academic resumés, conferences, and tech blogs.

Integrate with all your favorite tools including Jupyter, Obsidian, RStudio, VSCode, and Zotero!


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  1. 🔥 Hugo website builder, Hugo themes & Hugo CMS. No code, easily build with widgets! 创建在线课程,学术简历或初创网站。#OpenScience

    SCSS 6.7k 2.7k

  2. 👥 轻松创建研究组或组织网站 Easily create a stunning Research Group, Team, or Business Website with no-code

    TeX 141 214

  3. hugo-minimal-theme Public template

    🌱 Easily create a simple one-page website without any code, just using widgets. 轻松创建自己可爱的最小网站

    SCSS 15 15

  4. 🧠 卡片盒笔记法:面向未来的第二大脑 Your future-proof second brain and digital garden for free! Make it truly yours with unlimited customization!

    16 22

  5. 🎙 在 Markdown 中创建漂亮的演示文稿。Write, share, and present your slides using the open, future-proof Markdown standard

    12 6

  6. 👩🏼‍🏫 Create an online course or coaching business with Wowchemy Website Builder for Hugo. 创建在线课程

    SCSS 52 55



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