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Have an idea for a WP-CLI command?

Feel free to add an emoji reaction to existing Ideas repo issue if you can find one that matches, or create a new issue if no one has proposed the idea yet.

Curious as to how ideas become WP-CLI commands?

The process generally works like this:

  1. A new issue is created. Good issues include substantial detail into what the command might do, how it might work, and what value it would add to the ecosystem.
  2. Some discussion takes place. Issues are evaluated against WP-CLI's philosophy, technical feasibility, and estimated impact. Everyone is free to weigh in; we value thoughtful consideration that introduces new viewpoints.
  3. New WP-CLI commands are created. In some cases they're written as standalone packages, and in others they're submitted as pull requests to existing repositories. In some cases they're produced by committers, and in others they're developed by members of the community. It's a pretty organic process.

Ultimately, we take a need-based approach to new feature development. If there's strong need for a new command, someone will take the initiative to create it, and we'll form a long-term maintenance strategy around it.


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