A collection of patterns for creating accessibility-ready WordPress themes.
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Accessibility Theme Patterns for WordPress

Hello! The Accessibility Theme Patterns for WordPress helps you create accessibility-ready WordPress themes. The code isn't meant to be a complete theme, but each pattern in the sub-directories can help you make your theme more accessible.

Getting Started

Here are some helpful tips to get you rolling with the patterns:

  • Each pattern is contained in a sub-directory in this repository.
  • Many of the patterns include placeholder text for function names or text domains, like your_theme_function_name. Make sure you replace these.
  • Each pattern should have its own README.md file to help guide you.


The Accessibility Theme Patterns for WordPress is run by the WordPress Accessibility Team. To find out more information on the project, you can follow the theme pattern library tag on the team's blog. You can also reach us on Slack in the #accessibility channel.