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use git to store your shell history, forever
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Store your shell history in git. forever.

Shell history is generally stored in a simple flat file, loaded into memory whenever the shell is started, and pruned over time.

By storing history in git, we can:

  • store more context for each entry, such as the current directory and environment
  • support more complex queries, such as asking for all commands which were run from the current directory
  • store things forever, because the database doesn't all need to be loaded into memory
  • share history across multiple systems
  • more

Basic usage:

  • gh init start tracking history
  • gh view history
  • gh ready copy to recent history, so you can get back to it easily with your shell's normal history commands
  • gh -N view last N lines of history
  • gh forget-session remove the current session
  • gh delete forget history at
  • gh delete .. forget all history reachable from but not
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