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William Dunk's CV
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William Dunk

London, UK / +44 7564 186 579 / / GitHub / LinkedIn

Skills | Projects | Experience | Education | Interests

Learning to code at Makers Academy. Previously at Beryl, +6 years growing the startup from the ground up to become one of London's most exciting urban mobility ventures. Vast project management experience, working with cross functional teams in a dynamic and constantly evolving environment. Looking for an impactful and inspiring new challenge, where I can push on with my progression as a software developer.


Software Development

Well versed in best practices such as test driven development and pair programming. Already an advocate for writing clean code that is easy to change, the efficiencies this unlocks is extremely satisfying! Improving knowledge of Ruby, JavaScript and the MERN stack, have enjoyed experimenting with APIs and the opportunities they enable for stitching resources together.

Problem solving

Leadership in ideation, business strategy and system implementation. Confident at adapting processes within constantly evolving environments to maximise efficiency.

Formation of internal R&D programme: Taking inspiration from proven software development techniques, I used short sprints to investigate new technologies and solutions to product issues; including mapping of user stories and extensive market research.

Product failure reduction: A first victory for the R&D programme was the identification of a new waterproofing gasket design following a string of failures and subsequent rollout of this modification to significantly reduce failure rate of the product by almost 50%.

Project Management

Experience applying an agile practices and delivering to tight deadlines. Strong communication skills, well versed at acting as the bridge between technical teams, management and customers.

Successful launch on Kickstarter: Straight off the mark, delivered to an extremely punchy schedule, the launch of the Laserlight, Beryl’s first consumer product. Raising £55k in 30 days as one of first UK Kickstarter campaigns. Included rapid formation of the brand, the very important pitch video and the critical generation of proof of concept prototypes.

Initial set up of supply chain: Built the initial relationships with designers, manufacturers and logistic services. Acted as a key link between the founders and wider team/customers. Enabling the rollout of laserlight technology across all 12,000 Santander Cycles in London, a significant milestone for the company.


Personal and course projects from my time at Makers Academy

Description Timeframe Technologies Testing
seasonGoals A goal tracking app to experiment with React & the MERN stack. Weekend (ongoing) MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js Cypress
peanutButter From skratch JavaScript test framework. 2 days JavaScript self tested
coffeeNotes A single page note taking app, created using vanilla JS. 2 days JavaScript peanutButter
birthdayBears A web app that prints a bear emoji for each day to go till your next birthday. 1 day Ruby, Sinatra RSPEC, Capybara


Beryl (Oct 2012 - Dec 2018)
Special Projects Joined the urban mobility company at the earliest stage alongside the Founder. Played a direct role in enabling the growth of the business to one of the UK’s leading hardware and technology startups within one of the most active industry sectors.


Makers Academy (Jan 2019 to Mar 2019)

A 12-week intensive development bootcamp, promoting best practices and independent learning.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, React, MongoDB (MERN Stack)

Skills: Agile, Pair Programming, Test Driven Development

University of Bristol, UK (2008 - 2012)

  • Master of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2:1 MEng

Rice University, TX, USA (2011)

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • 1st (Year Abroad)


Competitive Cyclist

CAT 2 road racer & ultra-endurance competitor.

Transcontinental 2017 (An unsupported 4000km race across Europe from Belgium to Greece)

Silk Road Mountain Race 2018 (An unsupported 1700km race across Kyrgyzstan)

Cooking & Yoga

Love food, so have become a pretty good cook to save on restaurant bills. Hate stretching! But it is good for you, so yoga helps with that and keeping the mind healthy too. :)

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